About SwipeGo

SwipeGo provides businesses with rewards programs and discount programs, gift cards, and membership management solutions. But we think our business is about much more than that. SwipeGo is in the business of making the lives of business owners and managers easier by not only providing rewards and gift card programs that are good for business, but also implementing them in a predictable, reliable way. At SwipeGo we use our experience in the industry as a tool to help build programs for business that generate profits, not headaches.

Who are we helping to grow?

SwipeGo's platform provides a total solution for customer loyalty management and stored-value payments and is used in a wide variety of industries including :

  • Large-scale chain retail stores
  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Logistics processing
  • Beauty salons
  • Dry-cleaning chains
  • Property management
  • Telecommunications
  • Community services
  • Insurance
  • Coalition card issuers
  • Credit unions
  • Gyms
  • Hotels

How large is our network?

SwipeGo's platform supports a network of over 5,000 terminals, processes over 20,000 transactions a day and over $50 million a year.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as owner-operated stores with a single location.

SwipeGo is an international company with offices all over the world, including Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.